Davis McDavis


DMD was born in East New York in 1956, and has been on the road turning tricks and making drawings ever since. She currently resides in Cheslea with her husband Frank.

I Am Skeptical (Orange) 11" X 14" Pastel On Board

I Am Skeptical (Orange) 11" X 14" Pastel On Board


Davis McDavis lives in New York with his husband and their imaginary cat. Creative all his life, he has most recently written three chapters of an incredibly funny twelve-chapter novel, created an extremely popular Youtube video, and painted a series of acrylic collage artworks inspired by Oprah Winfrey. 

Once upon a time last Christmas, he discovered a dusty old box of pastels on a visit to his hometown in Minnesota for Christmas. He drew a picture of a friend's dog for fun and voilà! He turned into a real, live artist, just like in the video for "Take On Me," but in color. He has now branched out from dogs in to cats and also people. Contact him to commission an artwork of your very own!