Davis McDavis


DMD was born in East New York in 1956, and has been on the road turning tricks and making drawings ever since. She currently resides in Cheslea with her husband Frank.

I Am Skeptical (Orange) 11" X 14" Pastel On Board

I Am Skeptical (Orange) 11" X 14" Pastel On Board


Hello! I'm Davis McDavis. I was born under the name David McDonald in the frozen Northland of Minnesota. Raised by two crafty schoolteachers with varied interests including woodworking (my father) and gardening (my mother), I have always been creative and creating things. After creating several VHS movie masterpieces in high school, I studied film and creative writing in college. Following a series of activities best summarized in a short musical montage, I worked in accounting at Calvin Klein and then a 15-year career in publishing. All the while, I created a variety of side projects under the name Davis McDavis, including a blog, made-from-scratch soap, an ongoing performance art piece based on the worship of Oprah Winfrey ("O, The Oprah Religion,") a Youtube channel, t-shirts, paintings, and mixed-medium collages. 

After leaving my job in publishing, I now live in Manhattan with my husband and our newly-adoped rescue cat, Victor, and pursue my creative interests full-time. I most recently learned Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, while also making several artworks in watercolor pencil and collage. Then while visiting home for the holidays, I found a dusty box of pastels that must have once belonged to my mother, and decided to see if I could use them to draw a picture using a photo of beloved friend's dog, Nigel, as the model. Nigel's parents loved the picture, and following that success, I've been adding to my portfolio have been with pieces that I hope bring joy to those around me: portraits of pets, people, and things that inspire me. Contact me to inquire about any of the pieces shown here, or to commission an artwork of your very own!